man pages of my mind

So extreme.

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How to cuddle like you mean it. Bonus panels here. 

Me and josialine every night.

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Get down with it!

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The Book Thief

Just finished watching The Book Thief with josialine It is a very beautiful film. It is a gentle reminder of how powerful words are, of the horrors of hate and war, and how easily we forget those things.

Security is difficult

Just implementing encryption tools correctly is difficult. I can’t even imagine writing the tools correctly.

The last of its kind.



Serene Chalet Bathrooms

Pure bliss is a perfect bathtub.

I would like all of these please.

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Comment by Stephen Aghaulor on The Guardian

I wish there was a season two of Attack on Titan. I want to know what happens next!

Software Development Achievement Unlocked

I just wrote my first Ruby module. It is Not really a big deal in the eyes of veterans, but for me it’s a big achievement. It’s a realization that I’ve hit the next level on my path of software craftsmanship.

The gory details: Not only have I dug deep into the source code of a gem and understood its behavior, I’ve modified that behavior to suite my needs. Then I shared that behavior across several very different objects by utilizing my new module. The code is written once, the behavior is recycled where appropriate.